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ICS 2022 (8th Int. Cong. on Sci. Technol. of Steelmaking) 논문발표
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ICS 2022 (8th International Congress on Science and technology of Steelmaking) 논문발표하였습니다.

- 학회일시 ; 2022년 8월 2-4일
- 개최장소 ; Montreal, CANADA
- 논문제목 ;
1) Physical Chemistry of FeO Reduction in Electric Arc Furnace Slag by Secondary Aluminum Source as Reducing Agent ... by J.H. Heo (KU Leuven), T.S. Kim, Y. Chung (TU Korea), V. Sahajwalla (UNSW), and J.H. Park

2) Improvement of Dephosphorization Efficiency of Electric Arc Furnace Slag by Addition of Various Fluxing Agents for High Input of Direct Reduced Iron ... by J.H. Park and T.S. Kim

3) Development of Simulator to Predict the Formation Behavior of Non-Metallic Inclusion During Steelmaking and Casting ... by J.H. Shin (KITECH) and J.H. Park 

4) Dissolution of non-metallic inclusions in the steelmaking slag: a comprehensive study of in-situ observation experiments, kinetic studies and machine learning modeling ... by W. Mu (KTH Royal Institute of Technology), C. Xuan (North Eastern Univ), C. Shen (North Eastern Univ), N. Dogan (McMaster Univ) and J.H. Park

5) Self-Protecting Mechanism of Magnesia Refractory in Electric Arc Furnace Operation Conditions: Challenges of Active Use of Direct Reduced Iron ... by J.H. Heo (KU Leuven), J. Park (Hyundai Steel) and J.H. Park

6) Controlling Oxidation Loss of Boron in Large 9CrMoCoB Electroslag Remelting Ingot ... by S. C. Duan, M. J. Lee, D. S. Kim (Doosan Enerbility), and J.H. Park

7) Influence of Physicochemical Properties of ‘FeO’-Bearing Rh-Type Refining Slags on Cleanliness of Ultralow-Carbon Al-Killed Steels ... by T.S. Kim and J.H. Park


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