Conference proceedings(International)

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1 2003 Improvement of Cleanliness of 16%Cr-containing Ferritic Stainless Steel in AOD Processes D.S. Kim, J.H. Park, Jong H. Park, S.B. Lee, and H.G. Lee Rev. de Metall. - ATS, (2003), pp. 100-101, 24th Int. ATS Steelmaking Conf., 10-11 Dec. 2003, Paris, FRANCE
2 2003 Effect of CaF2 on Carbon Dissolution Behavior in CaO-Al2O3-CaF2 Slag J.H. Park, Y.S. Lee, and D.J. Min Proc. 1st Kor.-Jpn. Workshop on Sci. and Technol. in Ironmaking and Steelmaking, (2003), pp. 43-47, 1st Korea-Japan Workshop on Science & Technology in Ironmaking & Steelmaking, 30-31 Mar. 2003, Chiba